Joanna’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police Arrest Warrant

BE ADVISED – warning: do not in any circumstances attempt to approach this lady on your own. She is extremely dangerous and no one should attempt to make any contact whatsoever with this 5’1″, 50kg woman!

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  • Mary Charalambides says:

    On this obscure warrent arrest, for which the police in England also called it obscure, appart from stating that Joanna had basically the same three aliasses, obviously a person with verry little or no immagination came to that conclussion, it is to be noted that Joanna DID have FULL custody on the day of departure from Montreal, a sad day of which 36 other mothers fled from the same city, but were not persued in such unlawfull ways as Joanna was.
    It is with this in mind, that whoever posted this warrant, did so with full knowledge that it was untrue and misguiding.

    Allways with all my love and loyalty,
    The mother of Joanna and Grandmother to Maria XX

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