‘Let me go, I want my mum!’

‘Let me go, I want my mum!’ Four girls are dragged kicking and screaming on to aeroplane in Australia after judge rules they must return to father in Italy

  • Sisters, aged between nine and 15, had been in hiding

  • They were brought to Australia on a holiday two years ago by their mother

  • Mother then kept them in the country, prompting a bitter legal battle

  • Judge in Australia ordered that the girls must go back to Europe

    Disturbing scenes showing four girls being dragged kicking and screaming on to a plane in Brisbane to be sent back to their Italian father caused outrage across Australia today.

    The sisters, aged between nine and 15, were ordered by a judge in Australia to be returned to their father in Italy, despite the children’s wishes to stay in Queensland with their mother.

    The girls’ mother, who was married to an Italian, had taken them to Australia from Italy for a holiday two years ago – and then kept them in the country.

    Kicking and screaming: A girl is dragged on to a plane in Brisbane after a judge in Australia ruled that she and her three sisters must return to their father in Italy

    A bitter international fight ensued between the parents, resulting in an Australian judge ruling the sisters must be returned to their father.

    Despite staying in hiding, the girls were finally collected by Australian police and security officers last night and driven to Brisbane airport – where passengers stared in shock as the girls screamed and struggled to break away from their escorts.

    Up to a dozen federal officers in suits were present as the four sisters were dragged to an airport lounge to await boarding on an Emirates flight, but they were determined not to go without a fight.

    ‘Let me go, I want my mum, I want my mum,’ one of the younger girls – they cannot be identified because they are minors – cried as federal officers held onto her arms.

    All girls cried out to their escorts to let them return to their home in Australia and complained the officers were hurting their arms. But the police were determined the girls would be sent home, one officer telling a girl: ‘Now, you’re going to get back on the plane.’

    Passengers stared at the scenes of the sisters struggling with police, many saying that the incident was ‘awful…terrible.’

    The Courier Mail newspaper reported that it had learned the mother of the girls clung in desperation to the rear of an Australian Federal Police car as it drove away with three of the sisters from a house where they had been staying.

    She collapsed in the road sobbing at the end of what was described as a day of unfathomable anxiety and stress.

    For weeks the girls, who have joint Australian and Italian citizenship, had remained in hiding with their great-grandmother after a court ordered they should be returned to their father in Italy. 

    Desperate: The girls’ mother, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, clung to the rear of an Australian Federal Police car as it drove away with three of the sisters

    A close friend of the girls’ mother told the paper that the prospect of being returned to Italy against their wishes had made the girls anxious and withdrawn in recent days.

    ‘What do you expect from little kids being taken away from their mum?’ said the friend. ‘The whole thing is unfair.’

    The father had insisted in court battles that the children should be returned to Italy under the provisions of the Hague Convention, an international treaty against child abduction.

    Justice Colin Forrest found in the Australian Family Court last year that while he did not absolutely accept ‘the truthfulness of all of the evidence deposed to by the father’, he was satisfied the father did not consent to the children’s relocation.

    As Australians expressed their anger and dismay on social media, leading radio commentator Neil Mitchell said on his morning show in Melbourne that sending the children back to Italy amid the distressing scenes was ‘cruel, unreasonable and absurd’.

    Referring to the children being dragged kicking and screaming to an aircraft to be sent home to a father they did not want to live with after their mother had collapsed in the street, he said all this was happening because of the law.

    Read More: ‘If you’re a parent, this is disturbing stuff,’ he said. ‘I don’t doubt the judge is correct under the law, but we are talking here about children – is there no room for common sense?’

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2 Responses to ‘Let me go, I want my mum!’

  • Denise Austin says:

    I believe that the Judge was very wrong in sending the girls back, he said he did not believe that the girls would not get on the plane. HE WAS WRONG VERY WRONG. Those girls will never forgive Australian Justice or their Father most off all their Father. The Father lied to the Judge to 60 minutes and all the newspapers when he said he believed in shared custody, as soon as he got them to Italy he tried to take all the custody from their Mother. Italian Judge refused
    he also did not let the girls ring their Mother she took him to court to get permission and she received permission Girls now allowed to ring Mum when they like and he cannot listen in. It is now 27/1/2013 and all the girls still want to return to their Mother. The Father lied to 60 minutes all the way through the program ,and all Tara Brown could do was smile and toss her hair around. the girls did not know that the Father was doing 60 minutes they were sent away.Tara Brown believed every thing the Father said now they both look like fools as the girls have told the truth.The Father will pay a very large price for what he has done,THE GIRLS WILL NEVER FORGET OR FORGIVE HIM As soon as the older girl can she will return to her Mother and ask that her sisters join her then goodbye Italy hello Australia and Mum. So hang in their Laura they will be BACK.
    From Another Mother

    • Joanna says:

      So thankful and relieved Laura and the girls are allowed unrestricted communication.
      Our thoughts remain with the girls and their mum and we hope they will be reunited soon.
      What the Australian Authorities did to these girls is atrocious – no child should ever have to go through such traumatic experiences for the sake of being returned to the so-called “habitual residence” under The Hague Convention. Shame on the authorities and everyone involved for not taking the children’s wishes, rights, best interest and well-being into consideration.

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