Excerpt from an interview with Freedom Central on 1st April 2012. Thank you Mel and Richard, you are an inspiration to many on the difficult topics that you cover to help people come to terms with and disseminate the madness and injustice that is so prevalent in our societies.

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  • Mel Ve says:

    Wow, and thank you Alan, for making this clip xx Really cool xx

  • Ian McFerran says:

    Thank you kindly for mentioning me, Joanna. But, in all honesty, it’s people like YOU who inspire me and others to do what we do. If people like you can maintain such a high level of dignity and compassion, whilst also doing all you can to gain access to your own child, how can people like me not become active in support of you and others?

    There is a growing shift in the energy of our world, which I feel very sure will touch Maria’s father deep down and assist him in coming to the empathetic realisation that he should now do the right thing by allowing Maria access to her own flesh & blood mother and, at the same time, dropping the charges against you. There is NO logical reason for him to maintain his current position as it benefits no one, including Maria!

    Best of luck, Joanna & Maria!

    Ian McFerran

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